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Winsoft Technology Solutions Inc. started operations in September 2012. The company inherits its pedigree from the past work of it's core team in the Information Technology sector servicing many industry segments and software development projects since 1986.

The principal founder of Winsoft Technology Solutions Inc. is Dr. Mehmet Baltacioglu, a technology pioneer and innovator. Dr. Baltacioglu started his technology business as a limited partnership in 1986 which eventually was incorporated in 1990 and operated as Winsoft Software Inc. Originally based in Ottawa Canada, Dr. Baltacioglu enjoyed strong and continuous growth with Winsoft Software Inc.

After the acquisition of Winsoft Software Inc's assets by BlueSun in 2009, Dr. Baltacioglu created Winsoft Technology Solutions Inc. In 2012 the new initiative Winsoft Technology Solutions Inc. primarily to develop financial applications for advisors and financial planners in Canada and the USA.

From 2010 to 2015 Winsoft Technology Solutions Inc. worked on RESP advisor platform software primarily for two coprporate clients. CST Inc. and Universitas. We were successful in completeing the RESP advisor software for both organizations.

In 2012, Winsoft Technology Solutions Inc. entered into a development agreement with FP Advantage Inc. an innovative Edmonton based company specializing in financial planning software. The end product "The Razor" is currently marketed under Razor Logic Systems Inc. since March 2013. (

In December 2014, Winsoft Technology Solutions Inc. developed a financial portfolio analysis and modelling software system. A new spin-off company RepVisor Portfolio Systems Inc. was created and the final product is being marketed under the brand name RepVisor. (

Since 2015 Winsoft Technology Solutions Inc. works exclusively for the Razor Logic Systems and RepVisor Portfolio Systems as their Software Development resource as well as support and upkeep for the software systems which was developed for both companies.
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