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We are jointly working with Razor Logic Systems Inc. in the development of their new version of their innovative retirement planning software system "The Razor". The Razor is a financial planning software program that takes minimal time to complete and is centered on engaging clients through meaningful discussions and needs analysis. In addition to the core analysis, The Razor also includes a library of concepts and calculators. The Razor uses latest HTML 5 coding techniques with adoptive Tablet style n-tier web deployed technology.

By removing the need for excessive details at the beginning of the planning process, The Razor reduces the data entry phase of building an analysis to minutes instead of hours. The Razor includes the ability to show both personal and corporately owned assets, enabling you to begin high level discussions on all asset types within the first meeting.

The Razor was designed for use with all clients regardless of age, net worth, or marital status. The various reports available were designed for both formal and informal discussions, in either comprehensive or single-needs planning engagements. Select the report that best fits the situation and the software will automatically produce it as a PDF document.

The Razor includes a library of concepts and calculators that can be used on their own or as part of a larger planning engagement. This unique design allows advisors to provide advice at a level of complexity suited to individual client needs.

The Razor uses sophisticated solve engines to analyze the client's current situation. By analyzing multiple situations automatically, the program outlines the Primary Planning Options available to the clients. These options become the basis for a discussion on how clients can move toward meeting their goals.

Please visit www.razorplan.com for more information.
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