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RepVisor Portfolio Planning System

RepVisor (2014 - 2024 )

RepVisor was designed as a financial portfolio analysis and modelling system based on risk and preference parameters of investors.  

Designed for Investment Advisors, RepVisor offered essential tools for financial investment professionals to help them service their clients efficiently. It helped financial professionals to eliminate the guesswork in designing client investment portfolios.

RepVisor had a simple data entry system to allow you to enter the existing investor portfolio account details effortlessly. RepVisor helped the investor through a series of questions to create a comprehensive Investor Policy Statement. The system will then created a calculated and weighted portfolio design for the investor based on the Investor Policy Statement.

Once the advisor had the customer's portfolio defined, they could then start creating model portfolios with the automation provided through RepVisor portfolio builder. The editor helped the advisor search for funds which will best fit the model the advisor is trying to design for their clients.

RepVisor allowed for advanced queries and comparisons to manage searches of thousands of possible funds, to make the very best selections.

RepVisor gave the advisor the ability to track all customers for compliance purposes to ensure that the client's portfolio remains within the defined asset allocation mix as in the Investor Policy Statement. RepVisor immediately notified the advisor, should the client portfolio go off-side. The advisor could then contact the client and take pre-emptive action to re-balance their portfolio.

RepVisor Portfolio Planning System was implemented in CIBC Bank High Net Worth Division and Wood Gundy in 2015 and was the primary Investment Portfolio Analysis and Remodelling  System between 2015 and 2024.

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