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RESP Applications

EPOS (2011 - 2014)

Our team has been very active in creating paperless financial application processing platforms for a number of years through our past initiatives.

Our expertise in this field helped us in providing effective solutions for our corporate customers such as Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation (CST). In 2014, CST introduced their Apple iPad based paperless RESP application system EPOS developed using Winsoft technology and knowhow.

EPOS product allows CST reps to illustrate their RESP products to potential customers and aid the CST reps in completing an RESP application real-time and on-line. The customers them simply sign their signature to the electronic application and the encrypted and protected application reached CST head office to be processed instantly. This application is a major milestone in providing portable and error-free electronic application and new business delivery systems in the financial industry.

Intellifonds (2015 - 2016)

In 2015, we were successful in completing and implementing the new business delivery platform for Universitas RESP Company in Quebec. (Universitas)

With the new system IntelliFonds the Universitas head office can assign processing workload between the staff effortlessly. The system provides access to branches and reps in a single seamless platform. An iPad based new business processing application was also included in the solution.

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